JST/CREST Symposium: WBMA'09


Watching Biomolecules in Action



Single Molecule Biology Symposium

2nd Kanazawa Bio-AFM Workshop

December 15-17, 2009, Osaka, Japan



Get together

December 14 (17:00-19:00), Senri Hankyu Hotel


call for papers - October 15

abstract submission - October 30

Web Registration Period

 August 6 - November 30


Call for Papers


You are cordially invited to present your studies at this exciting

symposium. Graduate students are also welcome. You can present

your studies at one of oral sessions or poster sessions. We expect that

your studies are related to one of the following topics.


a) Single Molecule Function & Dynamics

b) Single DNA/RNA-Protein Dynamics

c) Nano-characterization & Dynamics of Bio-membranes

d) Cell Function & Dynamics

e) Single Molecule Force Analysis

f) Single Molecule SPM Imaging

g) Advanced Optical Techniques

h) Advanced SPM Techniques

i) Functional Fluorescent Probes

j) Bio-engineering & Bio-MEMS


Please follow the steps below.


1st STEP:

Complete your registration first to get your Registration ID at the

web registration site. Please indicate whether you will make a presentation,

although you do not have to give the title of you presentation at this Step.


2nd STEP:

Complete your presentation proposal till October 15 at the

web registration site.


3rd STEP:

Send your Registration ID (note that it is different from your Personal ID)

and ABSTRACT to Prof. Toshio Ando by e-mail till October 30.

Please use this template for ABSTRACT (save the file).

- The maximum number of pages is 2.

- Color figures and photos are acceptable.


4th STEP:

You will be informed of your presentation type (Oral or Poster) until

November 15, 2009.

















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