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Asymmetry of the GroEL-GroES Complex under Physiological Conditions as Revealed by Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering

Tomonao Inobe, Kazunobu Takahashi, Kosuke Maki, Sawako Enoki, Kiyoto Kamagata, Akio Kadooka, Munehito Arai, and Kunihiro Kuwajima

Biophys. J. 94: 1392-1402 (2008) (PDF File)






Concerted ATP-induced allosteric transitions in GroEL facilitate release of protein substrate domains in an all-or-none manner

Yakov Kipnis, Niv Papo, Gilad Haran, and Amnon Horovitz

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104:3119-3124 (2007). (PDF File)






Co-translational binding of GroEL to nascent polypeptides is followed by post-translational encapsulation by GroES to mediate protein folding

Bei-Wen Ying, Hideki Taguchi, and Takuya Ueda

J. Biol. Chem. 281(31):21813-21819 (2006). (PDF File)


GroEL-GroES-mediated protein folding

Arthur L. Horwich, George W. Farr, and Wayne A. Fenton

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Leu309 plays a critical role in the encapsulation of substrate protein into the internal cavity of GroEL

Ayumi Koike-Takeshita, Tatsuro Shimamura, Ken Yokoyama, Masasuke Yoshida, and Hideki Taguchi

J. Biol. Chem. 281:962-967 (2006) (PDF File)



Characterization of archaeal group II chaperonin-ADP-metal fluoride complexes: implications that group II chaperonins operates as a "two-stroke engine"

Ryo Iizuka, Takao Yoshida, Moriyuki Ishii, Tamotsu Zako, Kazunobu Takahashi, Kosuke maki, Tomonao Inobe, Kunihiro Kuwajima, and Masafumi Yohda

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Chaperonin GroEL meets the substrate protein as a "Load of the Rings"

Hideki Taguchi

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Single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy of protein folding

Benjamin Schuler

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The 13Structure of a Chaperonin GroEL-Protein Substrate Complex by Cryo-electron Microscopy

S. Falke, F. Tama, C.L. Brooks III, E.P. Gogol and M.T. Fisher

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Asymmetric binding of membrane proteins to GroEL

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Allosteric regulation of chaperonins

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Crystal structure of the native Chaperonin complex from thermus thermophilus reviealed unexpected asymmetry at the cis-cavity

Tatsuro Shimamura, Ayumi Koike-Takeshita, Ken Yokoyama, Ryoji Masui, Noriyuki Murai, Masasuke Yoshida, Hideki Taguchi, and So Iwata

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GroEL Mediates Protein Folding with a Two Successive Timer Mechanism

Taro Ueno, Hideki Taguchi, Hisashi Tadakuma, Masasuke Yoshida, and Takashi Funatsu

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A mutant chaperonin with rearranged inter-ring electrostatic contacts and temperature-sensitive disscoation

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Substrate polypeptide presents a load on the apical domains of the chaperonin GroEL

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Synchronized Domain-opening Motion of GroEL is Essential for Communication between the Two Rings

K. Shiseki, N. Murai, F. Motojima, T. Hisabori, M. Yoshida, and H. Taguchi

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A Dynamic Model for the Allosteric Mechnism of GroEL

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Probing protein-protein interactions in real time

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Prior to 2000


GroEL-GroES cycling: ATP and nonnative @olypeptide direct alternation of folding-active rings

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