The main objective of this International Workshop is to discuss recent progress of techniques and various applications in the fields of BioAFM including biophysics on biopolymers and membrane systems, medical and pharmaceutical studies, and instrumentation. The workshop is intended not only to create an interdisciplinary forum for AFM studies, but also to provide us with an opportunity to exchange information, insight, and future prospects for BioAFM studies.  Such an opportunity and possible international collaboration in the near future in this hot field of AFM will certainly lead to the development of new experiments, techniques and theoretical studies, or even to the creation of new science areas.

Kanazawa University, Veeco Japan, Research Institute of Biomolecule Metrology Co. Ltd.,
N.S. Lab, Olympus, SII Nanotechnology, TOYO Corp., Japan Laser, Asylumtec, Nippon Roper

Important Deadlines:
     Registration: 26 December, 2006;   Abstract: 26 December, 2006
                                   Call for papers: 25 December, 2006

Workshop Site                Kanazawa New Grand Hotel

Organizing Committee: 
Toshio Ando (Chair), Isamu Nagano, Seisi Murakami, Syo Sakurai, Hidemi Nagao, Takayuki Uchihashi

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