Watching Biomolecules in Action


Single Molecule Biology Symposium & 2nd Kanazawa Workshop on Bio-AFM

December 15-17, 2009, Osaka, Japan










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Scope and Topics

Single Molecule Function & Dynamics

Single DNA/RNA-Protein Dynamics

Nano-characterization & Dynamics of Bio-membranes

Cell Function & Dynamics

Single Molecule Force Analysis

Single Molecule SPM Imaging

Advanced Optical Techniques

Advanced SPM Techniques

Functional Fluorescent Probes

Bio-engineering & Bio-MEMS

Biomolecules are dynamic in nature. Their functions are produced through dynamic structural changes and dynamic interaction with other molecules. Therefore, watching biomolecules in action must be the most straightforward approach to understanding their functional mechanisms. To make watching as well as manipulation of individual molecules possible, single molecule techniques have been developed and are still in progress.  The target is expanding from isolated biomolecules to biomolecules in cells. This interdisciplinary field covers a wide range of biological sciences from biophysics, structural biology, cell biology, molecular biology to bio-engineering. In this symposium, we expect to see various single molecule studies and recent technological advances in bio-MEMS, bio-engineering, functional fluorescent probes, optical microscopy and atomic force microscopy. By looking over the whole progress as well as by closely looking at individual leading-edge studies, we seek to better orient our directions to go in the next ten years.